Montaža in inštalacije strojev in naprav

System Engineering by Baumüller

Documentary for Nürmont

(c) telefilm videoproduktion Fürth / Bayern

Nürmont live – Assembly of a printing press

The manroland AG delivered the first two 96 pages commercial web offset presses. One of them became property of Bagel Rotooffset GmbH & Co. KG, member of TSB-Group, located in the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt. Five NÜRMONTies spent 13 weeks working on the mechanical insertion, the optical alignment and the assembly of it. You can watch the progress of the assembly works here.

Contact disc dryer service

This video shows an example of our contact disc dryer service. Here we carry out installation work to professionally perform a rotor exchange in a steam-heated disc dryer. If you are looking for the right partner for a challenging project please contact us.

Buderus 80/100 MN open-die forging press

Opening Ceremony of the 80/100 MN open-die forging press at Buderus Edelstahl in Wetzlar, Germany.