Our employees and their cross-industry technical expertise are crucial in achieving the satisfaction of our customers.

This is why we continuously invest in training programs for our employees. We carry out regular in-house training courses, ensure maximum quality standards via manufacturer qualifications and manufacturer certifications, and always align our daily thoughts and actions according to the motto of "focusing on people".

Our internal department for occupational safety and quality management anchors the complete spectrum of legislative regulations within our company. Regular audits and training activities are managed by our in-house safety engineer, who also implements training programs for occupational safety.

Our quality management is certified in accordance with the EN/ISO 9001 standard. We also carry out regular customer surveys to achieve continuous improvement in customer satisfaction, evaluating the collected information in project discussions.

We also comply with the OHSAS 18000 standard for occupational safety management to minimize risks for our employees and to optimize operational processes.

Our quality consciousness is also implemented with the EN/ISO 14000 standard for environmental management. We familiarize employees with our guidelines as part of regular training courses, thereby promoting and regularly testing a continuous improvement in environmental protection.

The internationally recognized SCC** set of regulations also confirms that we operate in compliance with all health, occupational safety and climate protection provisions. All specified standards for work implemented via temporary labor are also complied with.


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Certificate ISO 9001:2015

Quality management - Nürmont Nürnberg

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Certificate ISO 9001:2015

Quality management - Nürmont Freiberg

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Certificate SCC

Sicherheits Certificat Contractoren for
Nürmont, Nürnberg

  Zertifikat ISO9001 HR-Businesspartner

Nürmont. Nürnberg

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Zertifikat WPK

Konformität der werkseigenen Produktionskontrolle - Nürmont, Freiberg

Schweißzertifikat EN 1090-2

0770-S-0012-06 - Nürmont, Freiberg

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Zertifikat ISO 3834-2

Nürmont, Freiberg

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Zertifikat AD 2000

Druckgeräterichtlinie - Nürmont. Freiberg

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Zertifikat WHG

Fachbetrieb nach WHG - Nürmont, Freiberg