As if it was our machine

How would it be if you had a partner at your side for the complete life cycle of a machine or plant. A partner that is able to respond to all needs, and is as familiar as yourself with your machine or plant? Our extensive portfolio of services with installation, relocation and mechanical production, in combination with our services and products, enables us to accompany you across the complete duration of a machine life cycle. The end of a project for us does not mean the end of our cooperation; we coordinate all additional services such as special maintenance, retrofitting, repairs and spare parts procurement. In addition, our professional customer service is on-site for you at over 40 global locations. We are also available as a value creation partner with audits and safety training for your employees.

Avoiding capacity bottlenecks

The benefits of outsourcing installation processes and services are obvious. You are no longer exposed to economic fluctuations, safety with regard to human resources planning minimizes your costs, and the increased flexibility provides you with more scope for action. Our precise project and time management enables you to achieve planning security within projects and beyond. With NÜRMONT at your side, you become more competitive in your market segment, and your depth of expertise is not lost. Following project completion, you can continue to access our specialists who have familiarized themselves with the specific characteristics of your machines. This in turn gives you more flexibility for further orders and additional business, even when your own personnel capacity is already exhausted.


On-site commissioning in accordance with your specifications, and following a product-specific and extensive training phase. Our technicians are also on the road exclusively for you in your corporate design or neutral outfit.

Overhauls / retrofitting

Also in combination with the manufacturer in the used machine sector. We are also happy to provide our own assembly halls with corresponding infrastructure to avoid impairing your production processes.

Repairs / conversions

We provide support with conversion projects, e.g. with application changes, revisions, and large-scale customers and major projects requiring high levels of personnel. We also implement upgrading measures in the field. We provide a wide diversity of after-sales services following project completion.

Qualified maintenance / inspection

In accordance with the maintenance checklist of the manufacturer. Specified maintenance intervals, inspections, preventive maintenance, repairs for specific ranges of tasks and machine programs. Independent coordination by us, invoicing is also possible via fixed price.

Setup and installation

From the "unloading" interface onwards – we organize bringing in, positioning, installation, trial runs, operator instructions and transfer with protocol. If required, we also transport machines from the factory to the intended location together with our professional network partners.