Founded in 1985 as a mechanical engineering company, NÜRMONT is now an international service provider for installations, relocations and mechanical production as well as special-purpose mechanical engineering. We operate precisely where you need us, because tasks and projects have absolutely no limits for us. Globalization is no longer an exotic term, and this is reflected in the continuously expanding location policy of NÜRMONT.

company nuremberg headquarters

Strengthened by its strategic alliance with the Baumüller Group since 2005, over 280 NÜRMONT employees now accept the specific requirements of customers as challenges to be mastered.
NÜRMONT has been one of the leading companies in the machines and plant installation and relocation sector for the past 30 years. Our employees work throughout the world and offer solutions from a single source, ranging from planning and installation work to after-sales service. Solutions also include logistics, custom-part manufacturing, disassembly, reassembly and electrical installation, as well as the supervision of commissioning and subsequent installation services.
Whatever part of its life cycle your machines or plant are currently undergoing, we accompany you not only with our range of expertise but also with our products and services, from the first to the very last day of your machine.


It's people that make the difference

We work every day with highly complex machines and systems – industrial installation, relocation, mechanical production and special-purpose mechanical engineering form the cornerstones of NÜRMONT. As a service provider, we focus on people. On the one hand these include our highly qualified employees with years of experience, who supervise our projects. On the other hand these include our customers, whose individual requirements we meet with specific know-how, high levels of flexibility and complete professionalism. Our sphere of influence has no limits: We operate globally and across all industries for the benefit of customers. For NÜRMONT, it's people that make the difference.

Efficiency from the beginning

Our services, whether for domestic or foreign projects, always start with a tailor-made concept. Based on a common dialog, we connect your needs to our expertise and decades of experience, thus developing the most efficient process to implement your venture. As a general contractor, we not only assume responsibility during complex projects with installation work, but our installation service is precisely aligned according to your profile and core ranges of competence. In this way we avoid time- and cost-intensive interfaces, and also help you and your project to achieve maximum, functional and economic success. Quality management is a central component of our business, as quality itself makes our range of services what they are – active support for the optimization of your core business.