Industrial service provider expands performance spectrum

The Nuremberg-based company is seeking to strengthen its position on the world market and integrates pipeline construction and pipework into its service portfolio. The independent daughter of the Baumüller group provides its customers all services during the entire machine lifecycle, worldwide and across multiple industry segments, from assembly and relocation up to mechanical manufacturing and service.

The new area of competence covers pipe production, pipeline construction and pipe installation. Container and machinery technology, turnaround work as well as maintenance and servicing are just as much part of the services of the company that was established in 1985. These services are complementing the NÜRMONT portfolio in an ideal manner in order to make an active contribution towards the optimization of the customer’s core business.

“The acquisiton of experienced personnel with many years of technological know-how in the field of pipework allows us to provide better support than ever for our customers”, Klaus Preißer, managing director of NÜRMONT Installations GmbH & Co. KG explains. “Also in the scope of fluid and air pressure controlled system technology we are now represented with a qualified team of professionals, international and across all market sectors.”

The extension of the performance range provides a basis for NÜRMONT to progress successfully on the world market and is yet another step forward within its customer-oriented service policy.