Nuremberg. The industrial service provider expands its international presence. Since February 2013 Nürmont Installations Australia is registered in Sydney. The new location was opened because of numerous project activities that are going to be extended.

The high import quota of needed machines and plants in Australia, which counts 80%, shows that the Australian market offers potential for international companies. Because of its sector independence, Nürmont operates for producers as well as for operators of machines and plants. For those customers known services like installation, relocation and service works, can now be offered from the new location in Australia.

Especially with cooperating European companies, Nürmont has promising starting points. Should these be interested in Australian business activities, they can benefit from Nürmont´s proven expertise with the installation of machines. At the same time they profit from the experience, the service company has already gained on the Australian market. Since the project planning is prepared centrally in Germany, European customers do not have to face difficulties in timing that occur because of the different time zones. For those reasons Nürmont is striving to become established on the local market and to reach a solid growth.

Contact address in Australia:

Nürmont Installations Australia
13 Baker St
Botany NSW 2019

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