Nürmont Installations, Nuremberg's technical service provider, now holds the management standard SCC. The internationally accepted standard is a system of rules which allows companies to work correctly in terms of healthiness, safety and environment protection.

Nuremberg. During the past few months Nuermont’s quality management as well as its own safety engineer were very busy with integrating the quality management system SCC in the company structure. But it was worth it. Jochen Loy, CEO, congratulated the staff members of the certificated subsidiary Neuruppin (Brandenburg) and concretely talked about future activities expanding the standard to further sections of the company. Appropriate trainings are already taking place.

Elaboration of the documentation was highly time-consuming during the certification period. The rules had to be adjusted exactly to Nuermont’s business activities, the turnkey plant and equipment installation. Especially for a technical service provider the documentation is most extensive due to the wide range of activities. These include transport activities as well as behavior at difficult working environment.

Furthermore the successful certification included sensitizing and training of the employees with regard to safety, accident sources and urgent safety measures.

Most common, the standard is required in the field of chemical and petrochemicals plants, but more and more in further industry sectors. By holding the new standard, Nuermont is now able to work for companies that require this high safety standard and, by this means, enlarges its business activities.


Zertifikat SCC Zertifikat nach dem Managementstandard SCC

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