The new LITHOMAN S 96-sheet web offset press from manroland is one of the first machines to be delivered to printing house Bagel Rotooffset, a member of the TSB Group. Complete with reel changer, four double printing units, a dryer, and two folders, not only is this one of manroland’s latest products but also the largest illustration offset printing press in Augsburg’s product portfolio. Nuremberg installation company Nürmont is in charge of the entire installation.

Nuremberg. The international and long-standing partnership between manroland and Nürmont, enables the installation company to install the press mechanically during the coming weeks ready for commissioning. The machine is to be installed at Bagel Rotooffset in Unterkaka, Saxony-Anhalt, a member of the TSB Group, which mainly prints leaflets for retailers.

Work on installing the rotary offset machine is to start in mid-July with the construction of the machine mounting elements on which the machine is to be mounted and aligned to an accuracy of three hundredths of a millimetre. The installation work will include the chill stand and the heaviest components of the installation – four printing units at 50 tonnes each. The main components of the machine at almost seven meter long and four meter high are to be delivered by lorry one-by-one on three consecutive days, just-in-time, and then immediately installed by Nürmont.

The machine, which has a 2.86 meter wide web, will be completed within about four weeks. The first thing to be introduced, the 18 meter long dryer, will bring the total length of the machine to an enormous 50 meter. Other items on the mammoth parts list are the chimney and cooling tower, which will require a 500 tonne truck-mounted crane to install it. In spite of their size, all parts are to be conveyed into the assembly hall through two narrow roller shutter gates.

The smooth running of the operation and contact with the end customer will be in the reliable hands of a team of specially trained mechatronics engineers and a project manager. With years of experience and the SCC certification, which takes into consideration work safety, health and environmental aspects, the success of Nürmont’s installation professionals is guaranteed. Altogether, the people from Franconia in South Germany have already installed, assembled and put into operation more than 150 presses for manroland all over the world.


manroland-Druckmaschine (1) NÜRMONT staff installing a manroland printing press.(photo (c) copyright manroland)

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manroland-Druckmaschine (2) Press XXL: Cylinders of the 96 sheet LITHOMAN (photo (c) copyright manroland)

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